Why should I use your MetaTrader Programming Service?

I am a dedicated professional programmer/analyst with 20 years programming experience. I am passionate about forex trading and have spent the last 4 years programming for Metatrader4. But when you are looking for a programmer you are not only looking for someone who can code. It’s just as important to find someone who will be good at communication. Who will deliver in time. Who will do what he said he would – by the time he said he would. And someone who will not steal your idea or leave you with an unfinished product.

Due to the things mentioned above my clients keep coming back when they need more work done.

How much do you charge for custom MetaTrader Programming?

I charge per project basis and the price depends on the complexity of your requirements. I can give you a free price quote for your MT4 project simply by email at gosta@mrmetatrader.com. If you give me a rough idea of what you want to do, I can give you a price estimate. Once you give me a detailed description I can give you a fixed price.

How long does it take for you to complete an MQL Program?

This depends on the complexity of the project and how much I have to do at the time. Often it can be a matter of just 3-4 days. For more complex programs I usually deliver incrementally to make sure that you are happy with what you get. First some basic functionality and once you have confirmed you are happy I continue with the bells and whistles. It is very rare that a specification is so complete that no follow-up questions are needed. So your involvement will also affect how long it takes.

How will the payment be arranged?

I can accept payments via PayPal or bank transfer. But if you want to pay in another way then just contact me and I will let you know if that can be arranged.

What are the steps required to start an MQL programming development?

There are different ways to get about it. If you can tell me in detail what you want to have made, then I can give you a fixed price straight away. But more often than not we start with discussing your needs and the best way of solving it. Rather early on I can give you an estimate and once all details are specified I can give you a fixed price. At this stage I can also let you know how long it will take to deliver. For smaller projects you will pay me after completion. On more complex projects payments occur after each incremental delivery.

After the complete MQL Program has been delivered any errors or bugs found in the MQL Program will be fixed free of charge. But modifications on the strategy may require additional fees.

Will documentation be available to understand how to use Expert Advisors and Indicators?

Most if my clients are already familiar with how to run an expert adviser, script or indicator. But if you need assistance to get going I will help you. I can also point you in the right direction where you can read more about this.

Will I be provided the source code for the Expert Advisor, Scripts or Indicators?

Yes the source code will be available to you for custom programmed projects. I will email the source code as soon as I have received full payment.

What steps will you take to keep my development confidential?

I never disclose any of our clients programs or strategies. But some clients wish for a non-disclosure agreement. If you have an NDA simply email it to me at gosta@mrmetatrader.com and I will gladly sign it for you.

Your Prices are in what currency?

My invoice can be in any currency you like. My preferred currency is GBP.