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Have you ever…?

  • Traded a manual strategy that could be partly or wholly automated?
  • Wanted to backtest your strategy?
  • Needed a custom-made indicator or trade manager?
  • Had a great idea for an EA but could not code it yourself?
  • Or even wanted to learn how?

If the answer is yes on any of the questions above… please contact me.

“I have a full time job that is demanding. I needed to create an EA that could execute the trade EXACTLY the way I want it. Not only that, it must be so simple that it is as good as just drag and drop. I needed a programmer whom I can rely on and who is good at what he does. Gosta came to my mind immediately. Not only did he do a fantastic job, he keeps the communication line open, constantly communicating with me to make sure he fully understand my requirements. He drop a few good ideas as well which made it even better. Email me for further info about my experience working with Gosta.”

Dominic Chen, Malaysia, dominic.chen.work@gmail.com

Why do I love automated trading? Because it

  • Takes emotions and human errors out of trading
  • Can trade when you are asleep or at work
  • Means there’s no need to stare at the screen for hours on end
  • Gives you the possibility to backtest your strategy over many years

“I’ve worked with Gosta for the last year and not only does he code impeccably, but he knows trading inside out and is very analytical, so he has great input when developing strategies. He is also very reliable. Highly recommended.”

Stuart Ogilev, trader

What should you do next?

Contact me for a no obligation chat over Skype to discuss your needs and we’ll go from there. Got a question? Check out the FAQs.

I first met Gosta in 2011 when he approached me with an awesome piece of software he had developed to trade forex. I can vouch for him 100%. He is a gifted programmer, completely reliable and charges a fair price for his skills. You can also trust him to respect any confidentiality arrangements you may need. If you need any further information do not hesitate to contact me

Marc Walton, founder of Forex Mentor Pro